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The Keys to My Success

When listing a home, one of the most important factors, besides listing at the right time and for the right price, is marketing. Home sellers are particularly interested in knowing how their real estate agent should be marketing their home. And for good reason.

One of the biggest complaints from unhappy sellers is that they don’t feel their real estate agent is marketing their home properly or enough. I believe it’s extremely important that my sellers understand where their home will be marketed, how it will be marketed, and why. Additionally, it’s important for all home sellers to understand that there are many other real estate marketing techniques that top real estate marketers are using to improve their overall marketing exposure behind the scenes.

Aside from having my own website, I believe that a strong social media presence is a major key, and knowing how to tap into an audience can make or break you depending on the content you choose to convey your way of doing business. Knowing your audience and what they expect of you should be easily defined by how you manage your social media.

My listings get treated with website and social media exposure, virtual video tours, digital ad buys and more. After all, I am working for my clients and my clients deserve for me to be thorough.

Just as it is important to know the market, its trends and numbers, it is vital to understand how to best market a home no matter the sales climate or time of year. Staying tuned into this constantly changing environment is above all, the key to my success!



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