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Better Holiday Home Entertaining

This season can be many things — cheery, chilly, charming — but it is rarely simple. And when everyone is juggling so much, from family fun to last-minute shopping, stressing over being a perfect host is the last thing on anyone’s list. Keep it simple and classy with these tips for better entertaining.

Charcuterie is a busy host’s best friend. Remember, a great meal does not require hours of cooking. A quality charcuterie board is easy to put together. Even just a few options of cheeses, crackers and jams makes for a delectable board. Guests will walk away with smiles on their faces.

Create a crafty cocktail. A perfect cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. Try a twist on something simple, classic and always beloved like a cinnamon-infused old fashioned or a cranberry sangria. Take it up a notch with an LG InstaView door-in-door fridge which produces round, slow-melting craft ice. It instantly elevates any cocktail drinking experience.

Make it a potluck. Feeding a large crowd is a daunting task, especially during the hectic holiday season. But everyone has a favourite recipe they love to make, so give them a chance to share it. Invite friends and family to bring something to the party. You’ll be amazed at the eclectic array of food dishes for a festive table.

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