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Real Estate Advice: Don’t Try and Time the Market

Are you thinking that 2019 is the year for you to buy a new home but you’re not exactly sure when the right time will be?

My advice to you is to not be so caught up with what the market is doing. You should move when the time is right for you and not when you think it’s the best time. Timing the market never works to one’s advantage.  

Spring tends to dictate that most homes become available, and so demand tends to increase, thus pushing prices higher. But, I’ll remind you that anything can affect the market at any time. 

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So rather than play a game of poker with the real estate market, why not just simply go all-in when you know the timing is right, and let your real estate agent do the rest for you when it comes to finding something within your budget. And if you’re selling your home too, let your agent help you price it appropriately so that you’re getting what you deserve and not what you think the market is telling you what you should be getting. 

When you worry about yourself and not about the market, you’ll find that great things will fall into place. 

As always, contact me should you need any advice or help. I’m always available. 

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