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Encourage Wellness in Your Home

September and, more specifically, the Fall season, means fewer vacations and getting back into a regular routine. One way to combat the daily stressors these changes might bring is by ensuring your home is a space for rest and relaxation.

I’ve prepared some tips to inspire health and wellness in your home and I’d love your feedback as to whether you’ve tried these before or are looking forward to implementing them this season.

Design cozy nooks and spaces

Even the tiniest of homes can carve out a zone or two dedicated to quiet contemplation. Whether it’s a comfy chair or spare bedroom, try to find a spot with plenty of natural light and air flow. Load it up with soft blankets and cushy throw pillows to create a space for a deep power nap, curling up with a good book or engaging with your favourite hobby.

Manage stress creatively

Exercise, sleep and eating well are essential for handling stress, but it’s also important to discover what other activities uniquely help you unwind. For example, extroverts often feel re-energized by socializing with friends. Others can feel restored by zoning out with their headphones on.

Minimize social media time

Did you know that people who don’t sleep with a phone in their room get better quality rest? Being mindful about where, when and how often you use social media is essential for managing stress and maintaining a sense of well-being. Create guidelines for the whole household to follow and be sure to set a good example for your kids by following them yourself.

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