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Defining the “Right” Agent for You

When looking for representation, Buyers and Sellers will seek for the “best” agent in the industry.

But who is the “best” agent?  Is it the one with the highest sales volume, the one longest in the industry, or is it the agent that connects with their clients and has a proven track record to get the best results in the most effective and efficient way?

Perhaps the question should be re-positioned as to:  “Who is the “right” agent for YOU!”

The right agent will take the time to get to know their client and their needs and set up a clear game plan to achieve that.   He or she are well connected, have strong resources and their negotiating skills are at top level.

For example, the right agent for you will know how to effectively list your home, stage it and set up the property for maximum exposure and value.  They know the right professionals to hire to help take pictures, videos, market the property and get key promotion, and also, they know how to set the list price for maximizing on your sale.

The right agent also has a strong understanding of what you want as a buyer. They know how to find the right property for you and to negotiate the very best deal without wasting any of your precious time.

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Right agents simply know how to do their job and they do it very well. They can specialize in a certain area or community, property type and even client style.

Speaking for myself, when I’m asked what I can do for you or a friend you’ve referred me to, I can assure you that I meet the qualifications that make me the “right” agent.

As a top producing Realtor in the downtown and Toronto market, accomplishing and delivering what my clients expect of me is what I’m accustomed to doing.  I’ve surrounded myself with a very reliable and professional team that help me get the job done, in every area of expertise.

The “right” agent for you is someone who you can trust with every particular need you have. Contact me today if you’re looking for a consultation. I’d be more than happy to help!

-with files from Re/Max Condos Plus

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